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Alcohol Intervention

Alcohol Intervention

family intervention - Alcohol addiction

Struggling to get someone to accept help?

Alcohol Intervention. Quite often families become desperate about a loved ones drinking to the point were they contact our services asking for help.  Our alcohol intervention program offers hope to both the addict and their families.  Alcohol Intervention works in a way that supports families, allows them to face the addict and work together in communicating their fears and anxieties around the client in order for them to see some home truths about their alcohol abuse.  Thus guiding them in seeing there is a way out of their despair as well as getting some insight on the impact their behaviour is having on their family.

Does it work? – Alcohol Intervention

In most cases yes. It is a great way for the person who sadly has the addiction, to wake up and see the damage they are coursing to them self, families and friends. More importantly it is a great way to get the client to engage in a rehabilitation and detoxification program. At the end of the day, everyone wins.

Will I get judged? – Alcohol Intervention

Far from it, as that will achieve nothing, and our main goal is to get you well and break free from your addiction. The only way this works is if the client and the family understand the issues the client is going through, and the client understands the issues the family is going through. That way everyone gets what they need, and more importantly the client gets well.

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