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Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse

Real abstinent based recovery for the whole family. Pierpoint and DetoxPlus
Real abstinent based recovery for the whole family. Drug or alcohol abuse. 

What can be classed as drug or alcohol abuse?

This question is quite simple to answer. When an individual will go to any lengths to find ways of using. From the moment they wake their main purpose is to use alcohol or drugs. They place it before the welfare of their families, themselves and society in general, even if they don’t recognise that they are doing this. Nothing else is more important, no matter how many times they are pleaded with, lectured or in danger of losing their life.

The toll of this abuse can be seen in hospitals and emergency departments through direct damage to health by substance/alcohol abuse. Many hospital beds are filled with alcohol abuse related illness, and many mental health hospital beds are filled with people suffering drug induced psychosis.

Treatment Options

There is treatment available for the individual who wishes to address their substance/ alcohol abuse, either by having a home detox or residential treatment.

Residential treatment can be anything from a 2-3 week detox, depending on levels of substance abuse, up to 52 weeks residential rehabilitation. Each individual has different needs, and length of programme is discussed during the assessment process.

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