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About Pierpoint

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About Pierpoint. Pierpoint is an inpatient and residential addiction treatment centre that have been providing ‘full recovery’ drug and alcohol treatment programmes since 1988 in St Annes on Sea, Lancashire.

Pierpoint House was the former home of Director, John Noel Grady’s aunt, Mrs Norah Pierpoint, and at a time in her life when she needed nursing care, he converted her home into a Nursing Home, where she became its first patient. Some 2 years later following his Aunt’s death, and after being introduced through the experience of one of his senior managers to the transformational benefits of Recovery from Addiction, he decided to change the category of patient being treated at Pierpoint House from Elderly & Infirm to those with Alcohol and Drug problems.

Tragically, addiction is still largely misunderstood, not only by the medical profession but by so many people working in this field who have limited understanding of how to treat these vulnerable people and get them into a state of sustained abstinence and recovery from their addiction.

John’s mission

John’s aim was to establish Pierpoint as one of the finest Addiction Treatment and Recovery Centres in the country, with a reputation that is second to none, offering a wide range of In-patient as well as community-based services that are effective and affordable to both statutory and privately-funded clients.

Thankfully, Pierpoint’s experience of successfully treating clients for over 20 years has provided the irrefutable evidence that the damage caused by addiction can be reversed, and the addict can achieve a standard of life that he/she would never have thought possible, even after many years of deep, chronic addiction that may well have traumatised the entire family, to the extent that death itself seemed the only solution.

One should never give up hope, for in the 20 or more years that Pierpoint has been Changing and Saving Lives, many hundreds of former addicts have achieved deep emotional recovery from their addiction, and gone on to careers, further education and training where they have ultimately been able to take responsibility for their own lives and their families, were re-united with their families when that seemed nigh impossible, and become respected and valuable members of society.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help individuals and families make a full life-long, emotional, abstinence based recovery from the physical, emotional and traumatic impacts of alcohol and drug misuse.

What we do

Here at Pierpoint we understand that every individual is different therefore needs to be assessed on an individual basis to establish whether we are the right treatment centre. We seek to ensure that we only work with clients for whom we believe we can provide the best chance of a long term abstinent outcome. In the event that we do not believe we are best suited to meet the treatment needs of a particular individual we can put them in touch with a more appropriate centre from within the network of 40 treatment centres we work with throughout the UK.


Following a simple assessment process with our friendly assessment team, treatment could consist of a number of different elements made up of inpatient detoxification, residential rehabilitation and a range of strategies to support the transition from treatment back into living independently free of addiction from drugs or alcohol, with gradually reducing levels of support.

Our post treatment support can include ongoing one to one counselling, self help groups, and interim supported living and outpatient day support. Every client has life-time access to use our telephone support service.

For those people that residential treatment isn’t suitable for we deliver a range of home detox and at home treatment programmes throughout the UK.


Our friendly and efficient Admissions Team can usually arrange admission within 24 to 48 hours. But same day admission is often possible and will depend on the clinical circumstances of the individual and availability of beds.

Safe transport into treatment

The actual journey into treatment can be daunting and problematic. If there is no one available to transport the client to our Centre, we can arrange for a sober driver or our patient transfer ambulance to collect the client and bring them safely into treatment.

Family Recovery – About Pierpoint

Having the recovery of the whole family at the core of its rehabilitation treatment process makes Pierpoint one of the leading family recovery centres in the UK. With a children and families coordinator on the team we are to work with family members from the age of 5 upwards. Our weekly family group is open to anyone with a family member in addiction. This alongside regular contact with and involvement of family members in their relative’s treatment means that the whole family can move forward with a new start following treatment.

Are you in despair? – About Pierpoint

If your friend, family member or employee does not want to accept help but you know they need it before it’s too late…. we are here to help.

If the addict that you are trying to help has repeatedly refused treatment or even denies they have a problem, don’t carry on in despair, you don’t have to wait for them to make the decision to do something about their problem! Our team has a high success rate in working alongside you to help them receive the treatment they so desperately need and deserve.

Tried Treatment Before? – About Pierpoint

If your addict has been through a (or a number of) other treatment programme(s) previously and has relapsed yet again, it is highly likely that you will find our approach to treatment will be drastically different to the programmes that they have encountered before. Many people that come to us for treatment who have undertaken other programmes tell us how very different and effective our approach is compared to their previous experiences even when these have been programmes that use the same philosophy of treatment.

Treating the Underlying Addiction – Not the Substance

Some treatment centres treat either alcohol misuse or drug misuse. At Pierpoint we don’t teach people how not to drink or not to take drugs we treat the underlying illness of addiction therefore reducing the likelihood of somebody cross addicting after treatment. Our modified 12 step treatment programme with our unique Beyond Addiction concept which has been developed successfully over the last 21 years, means that clients are given an in-depth understanding of the addiction that is driving their life, develop the tools to control it and be helped to achieve a deep emotional recovery from the damage caused by their addiction.

Contact us – About Pierpoint

For more information about Pierpoint Addiction Treatment Centre contact our friendly admissions team. Tel: 07811 606 606 (24 hours)

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