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Stop Drinking

Stop Drinking

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Stop drinking. How many times have you heard “just stop drinking?” Sounds easy, don’t you think?

Reasons for Stopping Drinking

Some people need to look at their motivation to stop drinking. Why do people want to actually stop? Maybe they need to explore their consequences of their alcohol consumption. Look at your relationships, your health, job, self esteem and depression. It’s not easy, yet if these areas have been affected by alcohol consumption then it’s time to consider quitting.

Detoxing Safely – Stop drinking

It is not recommended for the sake of safety that an individual just stops drinking. You will need some medical supervision to help you through the detoxification. Some people may have experienced shakes or hallucinations; however alcohol withdrawal doesn’t have to be this unpleasant. It is important to seek a supervised detoxification, either at home or at an inpatient detox centre, they will supervise the medication for your detox which will consist of a Vitamin B compound and Librium.

Some individuals may not be able to do a detox at home, it may be more appropriate to do a detoxification in a safe environment, such as a residential treatment centre to stop drinking. Once a detox is complete there may be opportunities for the individual to participate in rehab to really address the illness of alcoholism.

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Contact our treatment planning team today for more help with stopping drinking. Believe it or not. An alcohol detox is painless, does only need a few pills daily for 7 days. It is quick and easy, comfortable and safe. You will not suffer withdrawal. This is something you should have done ages ago, and you will realise this when you have done it. Do not waste anymore time thinking about it. Get it done before it is too late. Call our team now on Tel: 07811 606 606 (24 hours)

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