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Alcohol Home Detox

Alcohol Home Detox

Pierpoint alcohol home detox program
Alcohol Home Detox – START TODAY

Alcohol home detox. To book your Alcohol Home Detox call: 07811 606 606. We offer a highly supported alcohol home detox program which is quick, safe, comfortable and affordable. It is tailored to the client. Unlike residential rehab where clients come in for 4 to 12 weeks. Our alcohol home detox program takes between 7 and 12 days depending on the severity of the intake of alcohol.

We have now added more programs to our Alcohol Home Detox part of the company. This give you the client, more choices and more options. Plus this makes sure you get the treatment you. need. With alcohol addiction, the best time to quit is now. If you look at when your addiction started and where it is now. You will clearly see the decline. You addiction will never get better without help And as it happens. It is very affordable today. Call Tel: 07811 606 606 (24 hours) 

Same price – Just £1,295

However long it takes, the price stays the same in all our programs. We will detox clients at home in exactly the same way they would be detoxed in a residential rehab centre. We use the same medication and the same length of time. The only difference is, you will be being detoxed at home. This is the most affordable way to be detoxed privately from alcohol anywhere. Call us now on Tel: 07811 606 606 to discuss the best options for you. 

Why detox privately 

The reason so many clients come to us for their alcohol home detox is not just because of the level of support we offer. But also because nobody will know you are being detoxed from alcohol. We do not add it to your medical record. It is totally private. So if you need to take a week off work to have your alcohol detox. Nobody will know you have had it. Our alcohol home detox is available anywhere in the UK. So wherever you live. We can detox you. This is how it works:

Alcohol Home Detox – Stages

The UK’s most supported home alcohol detox program. There are 4 easy steps to our detox program

  1. First Stage We need to do a telephone assessment with the client. This is to make sure it is safe for the client to have an alcohol home detox. The clients safety is paramount.
  2. Second Stage is to have a zoom meeting with the client, and the person staying with the client during their detox. The person staying with the client will become the clients supervisor.
  3. Third Stage is for us to transfer the clients medication from our medical centre to the clients local chemist. The medication will need to be collected by the supervisor and not the client for obvious reasons.
  4. Forth Stage is to start the detox. This happens when the client and the supervisor are both ready to start.

Starting your home alcohol detox

You can start your alcohol home detox today, or whenever you choose. Once you have completed the four steps above. You are ready to start your detox. All you do now is call our nurse, (you will have the number for as he has done all the assessments etc), and you should have a good relationship with our nurse by now. And start your detox.

Start on a Friday

Some people like to start their alcohol home detox on a Friday evening, after they have finished work. This is so by Monday they are 3 days in. We can fast track your detox if you prefer. So by Wednesday you could be back to work. This is good for clients who cannot get much time off work as it means just taking 2 days off. Call Tel: 07811 606 606 to discuss your options.  

Nurse and supervisor 

Our nurse will tell the supervisor how much medication to give the client. This is the start of the clients alcohol home detox. Our detox nurse will now call the supervisor a minimum of four times day. This is medication times. You can also call us or our detox nurse as often as you wish, if you have any worries or concerns. (Which you won’t have)

How long does a detox last

Over a period of between 7 and 12 days depending on the clients addiction. Our detox nurse will slowly reduced the medication until the client is completely detoxed from alcohol. If you want to get your detox finished in a shorter time. We will work with you and get it completed on 5 or 7 days. This will largely depend on how much alcohol is being consumed by the client.

Other option

The other option is to start your alcohol home detox on a Friday evening. So by the time Monday comes around, you are on your third day.  This method is better for client who cannot take too much time off work. Or clients who’s children maybe away for the week. Whatever you want to do, we will work with you. I know you may have lots of other questions, so please do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you. Call: 07811 606 606 (24 hours)

(Disclaimer- All contact with our nurses will be via Zoom etc and not home visits)

We also offer fully residential drug and alcohol detox and rehab centres

Do I need a home alcohol detox

You may want to consider a detox if your alcohol consumption has gone up to a level where you are not happy. This maybe 2 bottles of wine a day, or half a bottle of spirts a day. You defiantly need a detox if your drinking has got to a stage where you cannot go through a day without a drink. This maybe as little as 1 or 2 bottles of wine a day, or quarter of a bottle of sprits a day.


You do not need a detox if you are drinking a glass of wine a day. I think at the end of the day, the client knows when they need help. If you are reading this, then I would imagine you are at a stage where you need help. 

Will my doctor, or work know I am having a detox

No. Nobody apart from us, and you supervisor will know. The beauty of going private is. Everything is totally confidential. We do not share or discuss your information with anyone. 

How successful is an alcohol home detox

We have been doing alcohol home detoxes for over 10 years, and I have only ever known two which haven’t worked. These where both due to bereavements issues. I believe the reason it is so successful is unlike residential rehab centres (which are very good) where you have your treatment, and then come home. With an alcohol home detox, you are at home. So there is no feeling or worry about going back to your real life, old life etc. You are already there. There is no anxiety about going home. This too many clients is a big factor. 

Why does it work

I believe it works because the client has support form family and friends. Plus once the client has finished their detox, there is no disruption of having to go home and face their old live. This is because they are already at home. There is obviously advantages to coming into one of our residential rehab centres including a longer stay etc. But an alcohol home detox is a very affordable way to help a friend or family member break their addiction. 

What is it like after having an alcohol home detox

I can only talk through my own experiences. But for me, it was like coming out of a cloud of chaos. I was at the stage where I felt like “stop the world, I want to get off!” Everything while in my drinking stages was absolute chaos. But as soon as I was detoxed, it was like coming out of a cloud of chaos. All of a sudden things became clear.

Getting well

I could hear things properly, smell things properly, taste things properly. Understand things again. My whole life changed. I could almost see the cloud of chaos behind me spinning around. Also I was free from addiction. I was no longer a slave to alcohol. I didn’t have a headache, I didn’t have an upset stomach.

Not feeling ill

Also I didn’t wake up with that taste in the morning, which tasted like I had eaten a dead dog! I didn’t feel sick. The change was just incredible. I could also drive my car again. How mad is that? Do you know, the stupid part of all this was, “I should have done this years ago. Madness!” 

Areas we cover for an alcohol home detox

We cover the whole of the UK. So where ever you live in the UK, you can have an alcohol Home Detox. Just call our team now to book yours. 

pierpoint alcohol home detox uk


Alcoholism is when a person becomes physically dependant of alcohol, and if they do not drink, they get the shakes. This is known as Delirium Tremens (DT’s) due to their body going through withdrawal. These symptoms can be quite strong depending on the level of withdrawal. This can also be very dangerous for the client who is suffering withdrawal, and can led to seizures.

Do not let it be fatal

In extreme cases this can be fatal. Most people who have addiction to alcohol tend to carry on drinking to relieve withdrawal. This will only work for so long until they become very ill. The saddest part of all is, to detox from alcohol is painless, comfortable and easy. With the medication we give you, you will not even want a drink while being detoxed. Talk to our team about how we can help you. 

Symptoms of withdrawal

There are several symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol which include fast or irregular heart beat, sickness, shakes and confusion. The only way to stop these from happening is to keep drinking, or with medical assistance. Not advisable, or have a detox wether residential or a home detox. 

Alcohol addiction is a bigger problem now a days

Sadly alcohol addiction is on the increase. This is due to longer opening times in the shops. Cheaper alcohol than ever before. This is a growing concert, and not just in the United Kingdom. It is now a worldwide issue which needs addressing. 

Call: 07811 606 606 for more details or to book detox

Alcohol Home Detox Programs. Here at Pierpoint we have a range of home Detox packages to offer. Our Detox programs are for clients wanting a platform from which to build a life free from alcohol. It starts with a telephone assessment, followed by a visit from our detox nurses (or video conferencing) who will assess you in person, discuss your detox with you and the person supporting you through it and will provide you with a 24 hour contact number, ensuring you have support for anything you may require. The nurse prescriber is also available to you for follow up visits, if needed.

Medication – Home Detox 

Medication is a key, and important factor in your detox, we aim to make sure you are as comfortable as possible by making sure you are not under of over medicated. A detox can last from 7 to 10 days depending on the substance type and levels you are using. You will receive a minimum of 4 daily calls along side your detox from one of our nurses to make sure everything is going smoothly, and to help with any concerns you may have,

Engage in Treatment – Home Detox

It is important to keep engaged in treatment once your detox comes to an end. You can do this by either linking in with treatment within your community, or by a stay in a residential rehabilitation. Our nurses will help you create a treatment plan for when your detox ends. A home detox is the first step in your life-long journey into abstinence and recovery.

Our packages

Our packages can be carried out anywhere in the UK. After an initial call to our admissions team, as we can usually start the same day, or within 24 hours. Find out today how to start your home detox, contact our admissions team or send us a message on live chat which you can access at the top right hand corner of the page. Call: 07811 606 606 (24 hours)  

Contact us

Even if you would just like a chat about a detox, or help in general. We can and will help you. We are here 24/7 to help you. Your detox can start today. We normally do your assessment within 15 mins of you wanting an alcohol home detox. This is to make sure it is safe for you to have a home detox. We have everything in place to achieve this. Call our team now for more details, or to book an alcohol home detox. Tel:07811 606 606

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