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Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol Rehab

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Do I have a problem with alcohol?

There are many different types of drinkers and different types of alcoholics some may be able to go to an alcohol clinic to get help, experience some therapy and learn some control drinking skills and go on for some time to be OK. Some may loose control and have to engage in a community Alcohol Rehab Clinic, do lots of work, go home of an evening and be able to manage a process of recovery.

For the more developed alcohol problems there are a range of Residential Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre’s where the individual removes themselves from society as there has been a massive loss of control. Pierpoint provides a detox which removes the alcohol from the system. In our experience working in the field of addiction for 21 years, people who loose control of a substance will usually have underlying issues. It is better to spend a good period of time to not only detox but to look deeper and treat the actual addiction and teach the individual to apply a solution to be able to live life on its own terms with out needing to use drink or other substance to get through.

 Types of Alcohol Rehabilitation – Alcohol rehab

There are different types of Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres that deliver different models of recovery.The ones that treat the disease of addiction are by far the most effective as they understand all different levels of additions. We deliver full life long emotional recovery here at Pierpoint Addiction Treatment Centre in the north west and have been supporting and helping others for the 21 years.

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