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Meet The Team

Meet The Team

meet the team

Meet the team. John Noel Grady founded Pierpoint in 1991. Through his involvement in this sector, he has developed a natural empathy with clients suffering from addiction, recognising that it is a “Dis-ease” over which they have little or no control.

John’s aim was to establish Pierpoint as one of the finest Addiction Treatment and Recovery Centres in the country, with a reputation that is second to none, offering a wide range of In-patient as well as community-based services that are effective and affordable to both statutory and privately-funded clients.

Meet the team. Pierpoint, with its dedicated team and independently accredited treatment program, is widely recognised nationally for the excellence of its work, and of its commitment to do everything within its power to help every addict who comes into its care, to achieve abstinence and sustainable recovery from Alcohol and all other non-essential mood-altering Drugs.

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We all know what is it like living with an addiction to either drugs or alcohol, as we have all been through it. Yes, All our staff have had an addiction in the past. Personally I do not feel you can do this job unless you have been there. It is not something you can train for. You need to know the pain, and hurt and experience the difficulties to know what it is really like. You need to feel withdrawal. The cravings etc. You need to see the upset you cause to family and friends. The hurt you bring on everyone including yourself.

You need to know what hard work it is, always making sure you have enough drink or drugs in the house. Enough money etc. This is why our rehab centres work. To speak to any of our team. Call: 07811 606 606 (24 hours) We can and will help you. 

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