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Employees Addiction Recovery

Employees Addiction Recovery

Employees Addiction Recovery

As an employee

Employees Addiction Recovery. Having a drink problem or a drug problem that is impacting negatively on your work is a frightening and difficult place to be. You need to protect your job….will my employer find out?……what will happen if they do?……. I know I should tell someone at work…… who do I tell?……..what will happen then? For too many people who have a drink or drug problem the thought of losing their job and not being sure what their employer will do  stops them from seeking help, meaning that they become more and more deeply entrenched in their illness.

Our specialist team – ADAWS – Alcohol Drug At Work Solutions can help you take control of this situation. The team will work with you in complete confidence to advise you as to what your employers position will be. Then, once you know what your employers position is we can work with you to plan an effective treatment plan and then help you access the treatment you require. You will also then decide whether to involve your employer, which if it is right to do, we can support you with.

In the majority of instances, once we are working with you and your employer, they will support their employees recovery in some way and at some level.

As an employer – Employees Addiction Recovery

Employees Addiction Recovery. Discovering that you have an employee who is struggling with the illness of a drug or alcohol addiction can be a daunting problem to tackle. It raises many questions about what lies ahead for you as the employer.

Our specialist team ADAWS – Alcohol Drug At Work Solutions can answer all of your questions and work with you to assess each individual case and advise you as to potential outcomes for the employee and what options are available to you in managing the case. Contact us today on 07811 606 606  (24 hours) 

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