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Drug Treatment

Drug Treatment

Drug Treatment - Pierpoint Addiction Services

Drug Treatment

Drug treatment consists initially of undergoing a medically administered detoxification, this starts when you are admitted into detox the detox unit and begin the process of stopping using or drinking. This can be a very anxious time for the service user and there can be a multitude of fears and anxieties attached to stopping drinking/using.

Clients are supported by a fully trained 24 hour nursing team who are skilled in supporting you through your detoxification. Withdrawals are managed with medication and clients also have access to alternative therapies such as massage acupuncture and relaxation techniques. Trained therapists are on hand to support clients through detoxification and present brief interventions offering clients insights and awareness into various aspects of drug and alcohol addiction.

What will drug treatment provide?

Drug and alcohol detoxification will address the initial physical dependency and offer a client some education into raising awareness, however it is our experience that to achieve long term recovery and gain control over addiction clients would benefit from rehabilitation. Engaging in rehabilitation begins once a client has completed a detox, rehabilitation is a process of gaining control over addiction through education groups, written assignments, family conferences and client support groups assist the client in developing with connection with the consequences of there using/drinking.

Our goal is to support clients in recognising the need to change should they wish to avoid the chaos and self destruction of their old lifestyle and begin to be open minded to the possibility of an enjoyable and productive life without the dependence on substance. If you need drug treatment today for yourself or a loved one, or just want some more information, call our experienced, friendly team today in confidence.

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