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Alcohol Home Detox

Pierpoint Addiction Services

Our main focus is about real abstinent based recovery for the whole family. Pierpoint and DetoxPlus have been providing an effective range of Alcohol and Drugs Detoxification Stabilisation & Rehabilitation Programs, both Inpatient and At-Home for over 30 years.


Alcohol Rehab

Pierpoint’s Alcohol rehabilitation Programs have been developed over 30 years to enable individuals and families to make long term recovery from alcohol addiction. Programs ranging from 10 days to 39 weeks and our full detox program is now just £1,295.

Alcohol Detox

Pierpoint Specialises in alcohol treatment in our centres or at home. We are based in the uk. For any questions on alcohol or alcohol detox please contact our friendly team.

Drug Rehab

Accomplishing the same outcomes as our alcohol rehabilitation programs our drug rehab programs are also full abstinence programs helping people achieve fully independent life long abstinence from all addictions.

Drug Detox

Making the decision to do something about your drug problem is never an easy one. Picking up the telephone to talk to one of our friendly admissions staff will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Contact us

We are here 24 hours a day and we are containable all the time. Call us now on 07811 606 606 and speak to our admissions team for help and advice or to be admitted to one of our residential rehab and detox centres for drug and alcohol addiction.

Our emergency phone number is 07811 606 606. If you need to come in right away we will do our best to accommodate you. We always have spare beds for immediate admission. We have 6 residential rehab and detoxification centres throughout the UK. 

It has never been more easy to access help through Pierpoint Addiction Services than now. We also offer home detoxification programs for clients not wishing to come into one of our centres. You can start your home detox today.  

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