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Kick Start Detox

Kick Start Detox

Kick Start Detox - Pierpoint

Kick Start Detox – Pierpoint

Kick Start Detox. This innovative Detox delivers between a 2 and 5-night Inpatient Detoxification episode, which slots seamlessly onto the front of community-based Detox programs. We can deliver a wide range of regimes ensuring that each client’s medication on discharge links directly into the community’s prescribing regime.

In patient services

Our Discharge and Engagement Coordinator’s role is to ensure the smooth transition of the client from our in-patient services to their relevant community or shared-care team. In the event that a client’s withdrawal symptoms indicate that they are  struggling to cope adequately on the agreed prescribing levels, we will liaise with the onward treatment team to discuss either altering the client’s community prescription or extending their length of stay.

Alcohol Detox

We are happy to get your detox off to a quick start. Our alcohol detox can now be done in just 7 days. Any shorter than this could cause a quick relapse. We also need you to be comfortable during your detox period, and not have cravings or withdrawal feelings. After all by saving a few pounds by having a shorter detox period, could well cost you much more in the long term if the client keeps coming back. Plus it also depends on serval factors.

  • amount the client is drinking
  • age of client
  • what the client is drinking
  • weight and height of client
  • the clients overall health
  • the time the client has available

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I say this to so many people that “you only have one life. Make the most of it”. No one wants a life being a slave to drugs or alcohol, or both! Call our team  ow, and let us see the options available to you. And there are many. Call us on Tel: 07811 606 606 (24 hours). We can help you.

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