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Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol Treatment

alcohol treatment

More Help Available Than Ever Before!

alcohol treatment. Help for people who misuse alcohol is becoming more and more available as the problem has become more visible in today’s society. Local  Alcohol Services can provide harm minimisation information, counselling and steer people in the right direction for detoxification and rehabilitation.  Alcohol affects society as a whole.  Hospitals are seeing a rise in admissions for alcohol related health problems.  Police resources are stretched because of possible alcohol induced offending and politically because alcohol is taxable, legal and socially acceptable. So we are seeing the affects much more from younger people right up to the older generation.  Alcohol and its affects are very prevalent in the media.

There are lots of different ways that Alcohol can be looked at, one perspective is, If Alcohol was a drug, it would be the biggest offender in the country. Well- it is a drug and it is the biggest offender. The most shocking thing is – it is legal.

Problems Caused by Alcohol

The amount of crime, ill health and death associated with Alcohol today is extremely high.  The indirect harm it causes to love ones and the people around the problem drinker really can have a traumatic ripple effect.

Getting the Right help – Alcohol Treatment

When people ask for help, it can be very complex to give a straight answer as some-one could just be looking for help in terms of alcohol treatment which can quite easily be done through harm reduction, safer drinking, community detox or in-patient detox. These solutions can work for some people but others need a more in-depth alcohol treatment such as rehabilitation.

How Alcohol Treatment Works

The majority of cases we look at need Alcoholism Treatment such as Rehabilitation which looks at why an individual is drinking. Alcoholism Treatment is about looking at the actual person rather than the alcohol. For example, the Alcohol would be removed if the person can’t control it and we would look at if the person is Drinking on feelings, are they suffering grief or bereavement,  childhood issues, a lost of control. A drinking behaviour which has developed as a compulsive action leading the individual to become daily dependant on alcohol in order to function.

Alcoholism treatment is more than just removing the alcohol it is looking at alcohol misuse as a disease which effects the individual spiritually, mentally and emotionally and a person will only come to a place to receive help once they hit an internal ROCK BOTTOM which is a place where the individual realises they can not go on any further and asks for help which creates a window of opportunity which needs to be acted on.

Arriving at the right place

Some people can arrive at this place by themselves, some can arrive through loss of external situations such as business, marriage, family or a health problem. Unfortunately some don’t reach that place.  Fortunately today we have specialist teams who can orchestrate a rock bottom, via an Intervention for an individual through working with their family and work colleagues to make that window of opportunity happen. This can help the person identify what the problem is which can consist of a number of complex behaviours and more importantly what the solution is and get on the road to into a good quality recovery supporting the family along also with in that process. Call our team  ow on Tel: 07811 606 606 (24 hours)

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