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Newspaper Articles

Newspaper Articles

Newspaper articles Pierpoint

Newspaper Articles. Guardian Article featuring Pierpoint Graduates! ‘Having Anthrax didn’t make me think I should stop taking heroin’ Read More (posted 17/09/2012)

Read our latest! Jeremy Kyle sends clients to Pierpoint (posted 23/08/2012)

Local News… Deadly Anthrax Alert in Resort (Blackpool) (posted 23/08/2012)

Read about one of our very own graduates Cath in the Manchester Evening News, Loving Life: Drink and Drug addict Mum from Rochdale who got clean after 30 years. READ MORE (posted 22/08/2012)

Read this Gazette article from our very own graduates about saying YES to recovery!

Read our Fare Process Newspaper Article which featured in the Manchester Evening News!

The Jeremy Kyle show will send you to Rehab at Pierpoint, Read More

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NME News, Muse’s Chris Wolstenholme on alcohol battle ‘I had to stop or die’. Read More (posted 02/10/2012)

Talk to FRANK, Aerosol abuse can kill. Read More (posted 27/09/2012)

Talk to FRANK, Mephedrone and Ketamine killed me. Read More (posted 27/09/2012)

Talk to FRANK, A life of drugs landed me in a psychiatric unit. Read More (posted 27/09/2012)

Guardian Article, ‘The worst mistake I ever made’ – A 12 year olds life on mephedrone, Read More (posted 17/09/2012)

BBC News Clip, Joan Bakewell: ‘1.4m over 65s drink too much’. Listen Now (posted 07/09/2012)

BBC News Article, Ex-Burglar says ‘some people need to be in prison’ Read More (posted 07/09/2012)

Guardian Video, Dopamine: the two faced molecule behind addiction and parkinson’s disease. Watch Now (posted 07/09/2012)

Independent Article, Want another burger? You could be addicted to food. Read More (posted 07/09/2012)

Blackpool Gazette Article, Deadly Anthrax alert in resort. Read More (posted 23/08/2012)

Guardian Article, What healthcare professionals should know about Hepatitis C. Read More (posted01/08/2012)

Mirror Article, “I slept with my wallet under the pillow” Parents pain at THREE drug addicted sons. Read More (posted 31/07/2012)

Guardian Article, Scientists’ agony over ecstasy. Read More (posted 23/07/2012)

Guardian Article, Drug- using couples enabled by their co-dependency – and their happiness. Read More (posted 23/07/2012)

BBC News Article, Guernsey drug users ‘abusing class A painkiller’. Read More (posted 23/07/2012)

BBC News Article, Breakin’ Out: Tinchy Strider and alcohol ban at festival. Read More (posted 23/07/2012)

BBC News Clip, Calls for tougher rules on alcohol marketing. Read More (posted 23/07/2012)

BBC News Article, Street Angels help Whitby’s night revellers. Read More (posted 23/07/2012)

BBC News Article, Drugs warning after Blackburn teenager killed father. Read More (posted 23/07/2012

Guardian Article, Alarm over plan to dock benefits of alcoholics and addicts who reject help. Read more (posted 28/05/12)

Independent Article, Scottish government set to lower drink-drive limit. Read more (posted 28/05/12)

BBC Health, Drug addiction. Read more (posted 12/04/12)

MSN News, The Russell Brand show arrives at Parliament. Watch Now (posted 24/04/12)

BBC News Video, Recent report suggests a rise in drug addictions in Afghanistan. Watch Now (posted 12/04/12)

BBC News Article, New powers to tackle alcohol disorder in Tunstall. Read More (posted 11/04/12)

BBC News Video Clip, Six new alcohol and drug services for Derby. Read More (posted 11/04/12)

BBC News Article, Death crash drink-driver William Johnson banned. Read More (posted 11/04/12)

Metro News, Russell Brand addiction documentary. Read More (posted 10/04/12)

Mirror News Article, Whitney Houston death. Read More (posted 10/04/12)

Mirror News Article, Children in peril: The shocking reality of children and drugs in Britain today. Read More (posted 10/04/12)

The Sun Article, Legal party drugs sold like sweets in a town near you. Read More (posted 10/04/12)

Guardian Article, Patients to be quizzed by GP’s about drinking under new alcohol strategy. Read More (posted 04/04/12)

BBC News Article, ‘sobriety orders’ to be piloted by the government. Read More (posted 04/04/12)

Guardian Article, A quick fix. Read more (posted 03/04/12)

Newspaper Articles. Guardian Blog, Addiction is a sickness, and so is criminalising your child. Read more (posted 03/04/12)

Guardian Article, Why have student drug users become so reckless? Read More (posted 03/04/12)

BBC News Clips, Campaigners call for compulsory drug and alcohol education. Watch Now (posted 02/04/12)

BBC News Clip, Singing on the path to recovery. Listen Now (posted 02/04/12)

Guardian Article, Legal high drug ‘mexxy’ banned under new government powers. Read more (posted 29/03/12)

ABC News Article and video clip, ‘Almost Alcoholic’, Close to the real thing, says new book. Read more (posted 29/03/12)

Independent Article, ‘I thought I could never love a normal life’ Read more (posted 28/03/12)

Independent Article, Drink just an act for teetotal Tanya. Read more (posted 07/03/12)

Telegraph Article, My mother, the alcoholic. Read more (posted 12/01/12)

Telegraph Article, Child, 3, treated for alcoholism at British hospital. Read more (posted 12/01/12)

Telegraph Article, Young people ‘should avoid alcohol until 24’. Read more (posted 12/01/12)

Telegraph Article, Alcohol releases addictive endorphins, study shows. Read more (posted 12/01/12)

Newspaper Articles. BBC Health, What is addiction? Read more (posted 22/12/11)

BBC Health, Are you an addict? Read more (posted 22/12/11)

BBC News article, Designer drugs, effect on brain chemistry  ‘like ecstasy’. Read more (posted 20/12/11)

BBC News article, Homeless people die 30 years younger, study suggests. Read more (posted 19/12/11)

Independent article, Criminals could be made to wear sobriety tags. Read more (posted 16/12/11)

Guardian article, Will the family drug and alcohol court survive? Read more (posted 16/12/11)

BBC News article, Isle of Man teenagers death prompts ‘legal highs’ drug ban. Read more (posted 16/12/11)

The Guardian article, Journalist blames drugs and alcohol. Read more (posted 13/12/11)

BBC News article, Dangerous drug side effects. Read more (posted 13/12/11)

Newspaper Articles. The Guardian article, Charities doing great work! Read more (posed 08/12/11)

BBC News article, Dumfries prison governer targets inmate drug problems. Read more (posted 07/12/11)

BBC News article, Clacton to get SOS mobile unit for late night revellers. Read more (posted 07/12/11)

Ballet Replaces drugs for Fallen Angels dancers. Read more (posted 29/11/11)

BBC News clip, The Brink non-alcohol bar opens for adults in Liverpool. View clip (posted 29/11/11)

BBC News clip, Restoration scheme gives addicts hope. View clip (posted 29/11/11)

BBC News article, Addiction centre starts new treatment for soldiers. Read more (posted 25/11/11)

The Independent article, Children at risk as ‘pocket money heroin’ hits the streets. Read more (posted 22/11/11)

Newspaper Articles. BBC news article, Legal highs need more controls, say drug council. Read more (posted 21/11/11)

BBC news article, Drug suspects: Treat not prosecute say advisers. Read more (posted 21/11/11)

BBC news clip, Oxfordshire drink related patient numbers increase. View clip (posted 21/11/11)

Guardian article, Alarm at growing addiction problems among professionals. Read more (posted 18/11/11)

Independent article, Disproving societies stereotypes around addicts. Read more (posted 15/11/11)

Independent article, Addiction fears prompt tighter monitoring of painkillers. Read more (posted 14/11/11)

Newspaper Articles. Guardian article, Cannabis… Hippie dream or modern nightmare? Read more (posted 11/11/11)

Guardian article, Drug Treatment Programmes not Criminal Justice System… Read more (posted 11/11/11)

Guardian article, Long term effects of MDMA Read more (posted 11/11/11)

Guardian article, Is it any wonder that so many young girls suffer from eating disorders with things like this in the media? Read more (posted 10/11/11

Guardian article, Young people are using drugs that are cheap even though they have no idea what is in them – the highly addictive drug Mephedrone, aka ‘bubble’. Read more (posted 10/11/11)

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