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Family Intervention

Family Intervention

family intervention - Addiction

Family Intervention. Some people may have attempted treatment a number of times, but not followed it through to the point where they have been able to stop drinking or using drugs. Pierpoint is one of the UK’s leading Addiction Recovery Centres specialising in helping families that have been totally broken by the impacts of addiction.

Find Full Family Recovery

Family Intervention. As a family you want your loved one to stop drinking or using drugs – to stop killing themselves. you’ve probably exhausted all of the strategies and tactics you can thinks of some of your family probably really can not take anymore you love the person but hate what they are doing to themselves and those around them you’ve given up because you just don’t know what to do or where to turn to the person you are concerned about may have asked you to find some help a family intervention is a process whereby, with the support of a professional interventionist, a family, using the love that they have for their addicted family member, enables that person to reach the point where they truly accept that they have a life-threatening problem and accept admission into recovery treatment on a specific date.

the clear message from a family who has the courage to intervene through this carefully planned, managed and supported loving process, is that as a family you love the person and will fully support their recovery but will not support the addict. as a family unit you all agree that you will support recovery but not addiction.

When you are ready – Family Intervention

Once you have decided that you would like your family to offer this loving opportunity for life to your loved one all you have to do is call us on 07811 606 606. We will take you through the whole process from there.

  • 1. Our team will speak with you and assess the treatment needs of your loved one & your family
  • 2. We’ll discuss suitable treatment strategies with you
  • 3. Our team will fully explain what a family intervention is and how it would work for your family
  • 4. We work with you to bring the right family member into the Intervention Team
  • 5. The Intervention Team will agree the Treatment Strategy and Intervention Plan
  • 6. The Intervention Team is fully briefed and prepared by our Professional Family Interventionist
  • 7. The Intervention takes place at a pre -appointed time and place that only the  family and the interventionist are aware of
  • 8.  In the vast majority of cases your loved one will enter treatment ON THAT DAY
  • 9. We continue to work with your family to support you through your loved one’s recovery process
  • Real Story (letter)

I am writing this to explain how powerful an intervention is and how it was our last hope as a family to help X who previously refused our help. The intervention was a positive experience for us all as we got the chance to explain how we all felt about X’s addiction and how it affected us all. Before the intervention the family met with the Interventionist to do a workshop. This was all done without X knowing.

The workshop

The workshop was done at a different location. It enabled us to understand addiction and made us understand that X is very ill. We then went on to write our letters. Also we all wrote 2 letters each, one offering love and support if X chose recovery, the second was to make X aware that we were not going to support his addiction in any way and we were prepared to see him homeless.

We then went to X’s home which he shares with his mum to do the intervention. Jeanette, the Interventionist, took the lead when we arrived, she asked X if he would be prepared to listen to our letters and he agreed. We all read our first letters but X refused help at this point, so we all read our second letter which was to make it clear that if he didn’t accept help he would be made homeless and we would not support his addiction in any way.

Contact us – Family Intervention

He then agreed to go into rehab the following morning. He kept his word and started treatment the following day. An Intervention was vital for us to get our message across to X in a calm, clear way offering love and support if he chose recovery. This is something we could not have done on our own. Call Tel: 07811 606 606

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