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Full Inpatient Detox ongoing Home Recovery

Full Inpatient Detox ongoing Home Recovery

Full Inpatient Detox ongoing Home Recovery

Alcohol or Opiate Detox and Rehab.

Full Inpatient Detox ongoing Home Recovery. You can have either  a 10 or 14 nights stay as an inpatient at Pierpoint House, then when you go home, you can have 4 weeks daily telephone recovery coaching.  This can then be followed up with once per week face to face counselling sessions for 6 weeks.  These face to face sessions will be carried out by a fully qualified counsellor in a convenient place near to where you live.

Treatment – Full Inpatient Detox ongoing Home Recovery

Full Inpatient Detox, and ongoing Home Recovery. This is a great way to keep costs down, and still get the treatment you need. We also offer home detox programs, where you never need to come into one for our rehab and cetox centres. Everything is done at home. This also keeps the costs down to a minimum. Please contact our admissions team to discuss your options and prices. Call Tel: 07811 606 606 (24 hours)

Home detox programs

Now extremely popular for clients who suffer from anxiety, or get just stressed away from their own environment. It is also very successful as the client is not kept i a bubble like some rehab centres. And after their detox everything stays the same . The client does not have to go back to their old environment, as they are already there. We have full details of our alcohol home detox here. So not only do we offer you a detox at one of our rehab centres, then home treatment. You can now do it all at home. If you would like more details. Call us now on Tel: 07811 606 606 (24 hours) Addiction treatment has never been easier and more effective. This is your chance to break free form your addiction. We look forward to hearing from you.

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