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Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction

drug addiction - Pierpoint addiction services

Drug addiction isn’t always a problem for everyone, many people are able to use drugs recreationally without it having an effect on their lives, however this isn’t the case for all. For some of us, substance abuse can spiral out of control causing problems in our home, work and family life, if this is you, it is important to get the right treatment as soon as possible.

Drug addiction

Drug addiction is an illness, which like any other illness needs to be treated with the right medical and psychological assistance. There isn’t a specific level of use that classifies as an addiction, for each person it is different. If you are worried that drugs may have become a problem in your life, or you are worried about a loved one, it may be useful for you to take our questionnaire.

Get the right support 

It is important to get the right support when treating a drug addiction as it can often be difficult to do this alone. Whether you choose to have an inpatient detox and residential rehabilitation or a home detox and follow up counselling, it is the first step on your journey into recovery, of which many have gone before you.

Treat addiction

Here at Pierpoint we know it is important to treat the addiction. Overcoming an addiction requires you to change certain aspects of your life and learn the skills that will help you keep these changes in place on your recovery journey. Pierpoint’s Treatment Program is designed to do exactly this… to take you BEYOND YOUR ADDICTION.

None religious – Drug addiction 

Our Program is based on an enhanced 12-Step Program and is completely non-religious, so whether you follow a particular faith or not is of no concern to us. We will certainly not be introducing you to any new religious belief.
Our program will enable you to reach a point where you are fully in control of your own LIFE-LONG RECOVERY.

You may perhaps think your family is lost to you — but with Pierpoint’s Child and Family Teams working with you and your family, re-building family relationships is usually possible.

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