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Family Awareness Courses

Family Awareness Courses

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Who the course is for…

Family Awareness Courses. Families, friends, employers or colleagues of people suffering with an alcohol or drug problem. This course is highly effective in empowering people to engage addicts in treatment irrespective of how long they have been using and whatever methods that have been tried before.

Aims – Family awareness courses

  • To provide insight and awareness to families around alcohol and drug addiction
  • To come away from the course with a method of being able to engage the addict in the family in recovery

Course Content

  • Is my relative/ friend/ colleague addicted?
  • The logic & power of chemical addiction
  • The same illness for everyone
  • Recovery assets that already surround the addict
  • If not you – who? If not now – when?
  • The point of change – what hurts the most?
  • The process of intervening in the illness
  • What it feels like to be intervened upon
  • The leverage and the objections


Family Awareness Courses. At the end of this half day course, participants will have a good understanding of how addiction has taken control of their loved one and have a robust set of options to help them engage their addict in a recovery process. This will have been supported by them having spent time with addicts in long term recovery.

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We understand how hard it is for families, when a family member gets themselves addicted to either drugs or alcohol. Plus we also cater for all addictions including Gambling, Sexual, Gaming, Prescribed over the counter drugs etc. and we believe with the right family support behind the addict, recovery can be much quicker and longer lasting.

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