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Family Addiction Recovery

Family Addiction Recovery

Family Addiction Recovery

Family Addiction Recovery. Alcohol and drug use that has developed into dependent addiction creates a massive negative impact on those around the addict. Families have often been suffering for years at the hand of the addict that has control of their loved one to the extent that the illness affects every aspect of family and personal life leading not only to the destruction of the addicts life, but also destroying the family around them.


At Pierpoint we know from years of experience in working with families in the way that we do that the entire family can recover from the impacts of this illness. Indeed it is critical to an addict’s recovery being long-lasting that their family are able to find recovery themselves. We have helped 100’s of families that had been ripped apart by an addiction into life-long recovery. If you are a family in despair, having tried previous avenues of treatment for your loved one please call our team and let us help your whole family find a way forward.

Families we’ve helped say…..

“It’s almost time for our son to come home, so I just wanted to say thank you for your good work. I know you will say that it’s what you are here for, but I know you give a lot more than your weekly duties” “I now know I have done everything I can for my son. I am never going to support his addiction again – I can take my life back now” “I had my brother back for the first time in 10 years in the car driving him to the treatment centre – It was so nice.

He was even honest enough to have his last use of drugs in front of me before he went into treatment. I was proud of him for that”  “When our son arrived at Pierpoint everything was very bleak. When we visited a few weeks later expecting to find him still a mess — nothing could have   prepared us for the fresh-faced, positive talking son that we actually found”

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