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Jeremy Kyle

Jeremy Kyle

Jeremy Kyle - Pierpoint addiction services

The Jeremy Kyle Show

Jeremy Kyle. Leading addiction treatment centres, Pierpoint, is proud to announce it has been selected to provide services for The Jeremy Kyle show.

As the chosen provider by The Jeremy Kyle Show, Pierpoint will be offering guests who are suffering with drug or alcohol addiction bespoke and tailored programs of residential rehabilitation, which it is hoped will work towards the best outcomes and positive solutions possible for guests.

In addition to supporting families and individuals seeking help for addiction, it is hoped these support shows will raise awareness of residential rehabilitation as a real choice for long-term abstinent recovery.

Mark Styles, Business and Quality Performance Director at Pierpoint, comments: “For too long now, residential rehabilitation has been considered a preserve of the rich and famous, often meaning less effective addiction treatments are all that are offered to the remainder of society; which is why we are thrilled to be providing services for The Jeremy Kyle Show.

“Not only will this be a fantastic way to raise the profile of residential rehabilitation nationally, it will also offer hope to the many thousands of people who are affected by addiction. It will demonstrate that real, lifelong abstinence can be achieved by all who want or need it, with a wonderful life waiting for them once their journey begins.”

Pierpoint Addiction Services

Pierpoint has established itself as one of the leading Family Recovery Centres in the UK, helping families and individuals make a full, lifelong, emotional, abstinence-based recovery from the physical, psychological and traumatic impacts of drug and alcohol misuse, enabling the reestablishment of healthy relationships between addict and family.

As part of the services provided to the Jeremy Kyle show, Pierpoint will ensure families of guests receiving treatment at Pierpoint are fully supported.

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