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Addiction in the workplace

Addiction in the workplace

addiction in the workplace

Addiction in the workplace. The hidden problem of an addiction in your workplace can cause significant damage to your business without your knowledge, and can go on to cost large sums of money through a wide range of reasons e.g. costly competency, disciplinary, dismissal and tribunal processes in addition to lost productivity and management time.

Employment Laws – Addiction in the workplace

In addition there is the potential for you ‘inadvertently’ breaking employment, health and safety, criminal and motoring laws and the potential in some circumstances for negligence in allowing injury to be caused to employees or the public. The problem often remains hidden from employers because employees are scared that they may lose their job if they tell their employer that they have a problem.

Employers can put in place a simple, but effective prevention strategy by introducing our Confidential Alcohol & Drug Helpline, which is made available to all employees. Employees can then contact the helpline at any time to seek advice and access to help and treatment before their problem becomes so bad that it impacts on their work and threatens to destroy their life.

To find out how this arrangement can support your workplace and save costs please call us on 07811 606 606 for ADAWS (Alcohol Drug At Work Solutions) Team.

Drug Testing Kits

We also supply drug testing kits to the Police, The Prison Service and the NHS as well as rehab centres, businesses the General Public etc. If you need to test your workforce, do get in touch, as we can help you. Plus if you have an accident at work and you can prove you have drug tested all your staff. It goes a long way to helping your case. Our tests start from a pound! If you would like more information on these tests , visit our shop, or call us on Tel: 07811 606 606. (24 hours)

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