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Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction

alcohol addiction - Pierpoint

Do I have an Alcohol Addiction?

alcohol addiction – Pierpoint . Drinking alcohol can start off as a social pastime, with a drink after work with friends once a week, then this could escalate into a couple of nights a week and can eventually begin to spiral out of control. Addiction is an illness where you become addicted to a substance that you begin to abuse. You may notice that the length of time between your drinking episodes is getting smaller, even if you are continuing to function and go about your daily life.


Alcoholism isn’t classified by how much you are drinking, for each person this is different. Some people need a drink as soon as they wake up in the morning, where others don’t crave a drink until they are on their way home from work, or until late at night. In some cases addiction doesn’t even mean that you are drinking everyday, you may binge drink on weekends and it has started to affect your ability to work on a Monday morning.

If you think you have an alcohol addiction, or your worried a family member may be suffering from this illness, it may be useful to take our questionnaire.

The decision to go into a residential addiction treatment centre for an alcohol detox and rehabilitation can help you address your problem with the support of fellow peers and friendly experienced staff. We can help your gain the tools you will need to live a long and happy life in recovery.

Many people suffer from an Alcohol addiction but are scared to get the help they deserve; our team here at Pierpoint can help you.

We understand that each person’s circumstances are individual; therefore the treatment package for their alcohol addiction should be individual to their needs. Residential Treatment isn’t always the best option for all; therefore we also offer home detox and treatment packages.

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