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employers don’t see addiction in the workplace until it’s too late

Alcohol and drug misuse extends into peoples work life in such a way that as an employer you often don’t see that there is a problem until it presents itself, usually through changing patterns of attendance or erratic behaviour.

By the time someone’s addiction has got to the point where it is obvious to an employer that there is a problem the treatment will often need to be quite intensive, due to the level of control the addiction has over the employee.

Employees will most often not choose to share an alcohol or drug problem with their employer for fear of losing their job. The law requires employers, where an employee comes forward and admits to their employer that they have a problem, to provide ‘some’ assistance.

A drug or alcohol problem in an employee does not necessarily mean that they will not be able to be brought back into the workplace carrying out their job as expected of their role.

There are effective solutions available

Full recovery from active addiction is achievable with the right treatment at the right time.

Our services help both employer and employee assess the treatment and recovery need when a problem comes to light.


If you feel that one of your employees is struggling with addiction, contact our team today in confidence for friendly help and advice.

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